Sterasmile On-the-Go Aligner Foam - Cleaning & Teeth Whitening Solution

Main Features:

Sterasmile - A Portable Foaming Aligner Cleaner and Teeth Whitening in One Product

Sterasmile - aligner foam on the go

A Cleansing Foam That Whitens As You Use It

Not only does Sterasmile clean your aligner tray, it whitens your teeth as you use it.

Sterasmile - Teeth Whitening for Invisalign & Aligners

Multipurpose Use

Sterasmile is not just for clear aligners! It is an effective cleaner for:

  • Retainers
  • Sports Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Sleep Apnea mouthpieces
Sterasmile - Teeth Whitening for Invisalign & Aligners

On-the-Go Foam Solution Works in 60 Seconds

Neutralizes germs, odors, and stains for a sparkling aligner (with a fresh minty after-taste).

Sterasmile - Teeth Whitening for Invisalign before and after

For Convenient Instant Cleaning Anywhere:

1. Remove aligner(s), pump sufficient amount to cover inside of aligner with foam

2. Replace aligner in mouth.

3. No need to rinse, can expel excess foam from mouth if desired.

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