Plaque HD Ultra Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse

Plaque HD Ultra-Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse

Main Features:


We at Plaque HD are as passionate as we are confident about the quality of our products, which is why we offer a 30 Day Warranty on every purchase that you make. If at any point during that time you feel unsatisfied by our dry mouth rinse, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can make it right.

Teeth care

strengthen your teeth

After brushing your teeth, make sure you reach for Plaque HD’s Ultra-Hydrating Dry Mouth Wash for a really deep clean.

The Plaque HD mouthwash boasts a remineralizing formula that is clinically proven to encourage the restoration of your teeth’s enamel by neutralizing acidic substances in your mouth and removing bad bacteria. Enjoy a healthy alkaline pH level in your mouth with Plaque HDs mineral-rich mouthwash that leaves your breath fresh all day long.

Plaque HD Ultra-Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse- Alcohol free

alcohol free

With the Plaque HD Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse, you’ll never feel that stinging sensation again thanks to the alcohol and fluoride-free properties of this dental product.

Instead of alcohol, the Plaque HD Mouthwash features Zinc Citrate and Tea Tree Oil that freshens breath and reduces plaque in a safe, natural, and comfortable way – perfect for sensitive teeth!

Plaque HD Ultra-Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse - Fresh Breath

fresh breath

A healthy mouth means fresh breath, which is why Plaque HD Mouthwash is a must-have in your morning, evening and post-meal teeth cleaning routine.

Plaque HD is packed with Natural Mints, Essential Oils, Aloe Extracts and Zinc Citrate that help keep your breath smelling healthy and fresh all throughout the day. Never suffer the embarrassment of bad breath and smile again with confidence with Plaque HD.

Plaque HD Ultra-Hydrating Dry Mouth Rinse - Gently Whitens Teeth

gently whitens teeth

Within one minute of gargling Plaque HD’s Dry Mouth Wash, you’ll notice with regular use a reduction in swelling, irritated gums, and neutralized acids in your mouth.

With continued use, you’ll enjoy naturally whiter teeth that are healthy, too! Enjoy minty fresh breath and expert dental hygiene with Plaque HD.

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